This particular car charger has a built-in MicroUSB cord, in addition to a 2.4A USB port, making it perfect for couples and families with a mix of iOS and Android devices.

Anker 24W Car Charger | $9 | Promo Code ANK24WCC

$200 Toys R Us Gift Card | $180

You don't have to break into a Jamba Juice to score a free treat. Coupon is valid through this weekend.

Buy One, Get One Free | Jamba Juice

If you and a friend or family member are both due for a phone upgrade, Verizon is offering a buy one, get one free deal on the brand new HTC One (M8). This is almost certainly the best looking Android phone on the planet, and Gizmodo gave it high marks all around.

Added bonus: New lines of service are eligible for a $100 bill credit.

HTC One (M8) | Buy One, Get One Free with New Verizon Contract

If you buy a new router today, you probably want to get one with 802.11AC, and if you get a new modem, you definitely want the Motorola SURFboard SB6141. Today, you can kill two birds with one stone at Newegg. Just buy a Linksys AC1900 router, add in promo code EMCPGHC47, and you'll get the modem for free. Even if you have a modem, you could easily sell this one for $60-$70 to recoup part of the cost of the router. [Newegg]

Anyone who appreciates a spotless floor knows the name Dyson, and you can own one today for just $235 shipped.

refurb Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum | $235

If your allergies have been bothering you, or you're just sick of finding dustbunnies everywhere, we've found a pair of good deals on Honeywell air purifiers today on Amazon.

PC gamers, whether you've neglected the Bioshock series up to this point, or just need to complete your collection, today is your day. Not only can you grab all three main games for $12, but you can also grab Infinite's Season Pass for $15, which includes both episodes of Burial at Sea.

Bioshock Triple Pack | $12

BioShock Infinite: Season Pass | $15

There have been slightly better deals on iTunes cards in the past, but if you're running low on credit, this is a good chance to stock up.

If you're in the market for a new laptop bag, there are a couple of good options out there today. The Kensington messenger bag opens up completely for easy TSA screening, and the Timbuk2 backpack is backed by a lifetime warranty, and goes for $50-$75 on Amazon. I bought one myself.

MEElectronics M9P In-Ear Headphones | $15 | Promo code AFNJ3421

If you're at all interested in Titanfall and/or the Xbox One, you can grab both for $450 today on Amazon with promo code XIAMAZON. If Titanfall isn't your cup of tea, the same code will work on the "standard" model, bundled with Forza 5. [Amazon]

Titanfall Xbox One Bundle | $450 | Promo Code XIAMAZON

Your 5 Nominations For Best Gaming Chair For Your Desk




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  • FREE Doodle God | Amazon | Normally $1
  • Handy Photo ($1) | Google Play | Normally $2
  • FREE Dictionary | Google Play | Normally $1
  • Storm Shield ($3) | Google Play | Normally $5 | Radar and storm alerts
  • Note Anytime ($2) | Google Play | Normally $8 | Sketchbook and whiteboard
  • Squeeze Player ($3) | Google Play | Normally $5 | Stream content from a Logitech Squeezebox
  • FREE The Seasons | Google Play | Normally $1 | Match-3
  • Dokuro ($1) | Google Play | Normally $3 | Platformer
  • Chainsaw Warrior ($4) | Google Play | Normally $5

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  • 1Password 4 ($25) | Normally $50 | Family licenses also on sale








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