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What has Lady GaGa done to the world? It seems all anyone wants to wear is meat clothes or bubble dresses. Now there's this admittedly kind of flattering dress that dispenses milk and alcohol for playing truth or dare.


Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht got together with (equally drunk) hacker and sculptor friends to come up with the "biomechanic hybrid cocktail robot." It's designed to encourage sharing in social situations. Just being present allows the dress to pour you a glass of heavily euphemistic milk. Reveal more personal information and you'll eventually be rewarded with a tasty cocktail straight from the back of your dinner companion.

While the world isn't exactly at crisis trying to devise ways to pry personal information out of drunks, I'll support any project that combines Emma Frost and Bane's costumes at a non-comic book nerd parties. [V2 via FastCo Design]

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