4/20 (which is this Friday for you no clock having, no calendar using hippies) is supposed to be a genial day filled with the united airy bloom of a specific natural, medicinal herb, shower-wary people and no worries 'bout a thing. Colorado University is trying to crush that experience and ruin 4/20 for everyone.

I know, I know, colleges have been trying to screw over participants of 4/20 for years but this year CU is going DEFCON 1 on these kids. Not only is CU banning non-students from the campus, they're making trespassers subject to $750 fines and six months of jail time. It's serious! In previous years, Colorado University has used fences, turned on sprinklers and even "encouraged snitching" to quell the mass amount of people who show up at the quad every year to create a man-made natural cloud of smoke (for reference, 10,000 people showed up last year).


The final line of defense for CU this year is ruining the quad itself. CU is planning on feeding fish fertilizer to the lawn where everyone meets up to light one in hopes of overgrowing the grass and making it "virtually uninhabitable". Why so serious? [Denver CBS via Consumerist]

Image Credit: Buzzfeed