A Concert With Death As the Encore

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On May 3, 1972, Les Harvey took the stage at Swansea Top Rank with his blues band Stone the Crows. It was raining, and he was soaking wet.

He stepped to the microphone to sing backup to lead singer Maggie Bell. During a part of the song that didn't require him to play guitar, he reached up and grabbed the mic. Bad move: it was ungrounded.

He was electrocuted by the microphone, which had a supreme amount of electricity flowing through it. Because his hands were wet and he was standing in a puddle, the current shot right through him. He died instantly in front of thousands of fans. He was 27 years old.


Maybe buying your kid a guitar wasn't the best way to keep him safe and off the streets, eh?

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He had a /currant/ shoot right through him?? Ew, he must have smelled all raisiny.

We need more stories like this to raise awareness! Many people are uneducated regarding the dangers of dried fruit.