The Age of Ultron merchandise train is well and truly rolling — but it's not just the movie versions of Earth's finest getting the spotlight. If anything, it means it's an easy opportunity to sell old comics toys, now that you can say 'look they're in the new movie!'.

Hasbro are mooshing together a few of their old Marvel Legends Infinites 6" figures into one Avengers-themed box set, just in time for the movie: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk, complete with a comic Ultron to go up against. Marvelous News posted pictures for each of the figures earlier today, a few of which you can see below:


None of the figures are new, save for the extra Tony Stark head given to Iron Man. But even though it's just a repack of toys it's an interesting, and seemingly profitable way of getting movie-related toys out there that don't necessarily have to wrangle around actor likenesses or the needs of a modern tie-in toy line (see these 6" figures in comparison to the action-feature-heavy, limited articulation toys that are being made for Age of Ultron).

Kinda sad there wasn't room for a comics Black Widow or Hawkeye. The poor guys. But hey, want some comic book figures for your desk? The Age of Ultron set is currently available in Europe as a Disney Store Exclusive, but it'll no doubt be on its way to US Disney stores in the near future, too.

After all, there's a movie to promote!

[Marvelous News]

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