A Flatpack Portable Night Stand Is a Brilliant Travel Accessory

If you travel a lot and live life from one hotel room to the next, this collapsible portable night stand will bring some much needed consistency to your nomadic lifestyle. Forget toiletries, this is the first thing we're packing for our next trip.

When folded, the $15 Urban Shelf is just a half-inch thick so it won't take up much room when buried in your suitcase. And when deployed, a lip designed to slide under a mattress lets this sturdy shelf hold up to four pounds of overnight sundries, including your glasses and phone. It's even got a couple of strategically cut slits designed to prevent your charging cables from sliding off onto the ground when you unplug your toys.


If you ever find yourself in a hotel room where the nightstand kept your phone just out of reach, you'll realize why this is truly an ingenious creation.

[Urban Shelf]

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