A Fully Loaded Mac Pro Could Cost You $14,000

The cheapest Mac Pro you can buy, Apple informed us last week, will cost you $3,000. That's a pretty penny, sure, but not outrageous for a workstation these days. What if, though, you spec it out as far as you can go? That's when we hit new car territory.

While there's no official pricing yet on how much bumping the specs on your superpowered cylindrical trash bin will cost, the good people at Unbox Therapy took a stab at what you might pay for a fully loaded Mac Pro based on known components and their street prices. The result? A 9.9-inch, 11 pound, 12-core, 64GB RAM, $14,000 computing monster that fits tidily under your desk.


Oh, and if you decide to pile on a few displays to take advantage of all of that 4K output? Expect to get up to $25,000. Before tax.

At least there's free shipping?

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