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A Garbage Can With a Vacuum Just Made Dustpans Obsolete

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you’ve got fancy hardwood floors at home you’re probably hesitant to clean them with a vacuum for fear of scratching them all up, and bending over to use a dustpan and broom isn’t exactly a better solution. But the Bruno, a smart garbage can with a built-in suction slot, certainly is.

The Bruno works exactly like the garbage can you’ve probably already got tucked away in the corner of your kitchen. It includes innovative, but not exactly necessary, smart features like phone connectivity so the Bruno can notify you when it’s getting full, when it’s trash day, or when its built-in stash of replacement bags is running low.


But the feature that will make you want to spend $140 on a garbage can you actually have to charge is a small slot at the bottom that will suck dust, dirt, and even food scraps right up into its bag.


So instead of having to bend over with a dustpan to collect and dispose of your sweepings, you simply need to direct all that debris right in front of the Bruno. The can’s 18-volt rechargeable battery is promised to keep it sucking for up to 30 full days between charges, but that will most likely be with limited daily use.

Bruno’s creators have decided that a Kickstarter campaign is the best way to bring their creation to the masses, and your $140 donation will help them raise the $50,000 they’ll need to take it from a functional prototype to a consumer-ready product. Delivery is promised closer to October of this year, but Kickstarter delivery dates are often optimistic at best, so if you donate, it might not be until 2016 when you get yours. But being able to finally free yourself from that archaic dustpan might just be worth the extra wait. [Kickstarter - Bruno via Gizmag]