A Giant Inflatable Volleyball Court Saves You From Playing On Hot Sand

The one thing that makes summer so awesome is also its biggest drawback: the heat. So to avoid completing scalding the bottom of your feet on hot sand, this inflatable floating volleyball court takes the action to the water where it’s easy to cool off.


You can forget about inflating this monstrosity using just your lungs, though. Your vacation would come and go by the time it was even half full. It’s air pump only here, and even then, it will probably still take you a while to fill it.

And then there’s the price. The inflatable Supervolley net is actually an add-on for a water trampoline known as the Supertramp 35. And together the two will cost you just north of $11,000. That’s more expensive than buying yourself a regular net, a ball, and a compact car to drive you to the beach. The choice seems obvious, but then you think back to those scalded feet, and suddenly it’s a tough decision again. [Aquaglide via Fancy]

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