A couple weeks back, we reported on the curious disappearance of a Gold Moto 360 on one of Motorola's promotional material. Now, that disappearing act has reached its natural conclusion: With the blinged-out wearable briefly reappearing on Amazon.

This new model appeared right alongside the upcoming metal watchbands that will be available for the smartwatch. Phandroid describes the new color as champagne gold and coming in 18mm and 23mm watchband sizes. Amazon posted a rumored $300 price tag. Also a new leather band, called "cognac" (fancy!), appears to also be primed for launch at will be available for $250.

Amazon says that shipping times could be 1-2 months, but as many have already suggest, this could just be a placeholder time limit. We won't know exact dates until Motorola decides to make this terribly kept secret official. So with the mystery of the Gold 360 solved, does anyone have interest the Moto 360 gold edition? [Phandroid]

Top image cached from Amazon; second image by Droid Life