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A Google Search For "Let It Snow" Guarantees a White Christmas

Illustration for article titled A Google Search For Let It Snow Guarantees a White Christmas

Google seems to be trying its hand at a lot of things these days. And you can now add 'weather control experiments' to its list of success stories with the company's latest Easter Egg.


Just do a regular old search for "let it snow" and then sit back with a warm mug of hot chocolate and a crackling fire. If your browser window gets too frosty, the blue Search button at the top should switch to a Defrost button after a while. [Google via Buzzfeed]

Update: Once your screen gets completely fogged up you can also draw on the Google search results page like a finger on a window.

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The Goggles, They Got Their Star Back!

For the record it seems as though this doesn't work in IE. My COSC101 class discovered it today and it didn't work for IE but it did work for Chrome. Not sure about Firefox.