A Great Hawkeye Fan Film Brings the Awesome Comic to Life

Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Matt Hollingsworth’s Hawkeye run is one of Marvel’s best comics in the last decade, so seeing a fan brings it to life is always going to be fun. But this particular film also happens to do a lovely job of encapsulating the adventures of Hawkguy, Hawkeye, and Lucky the Pizza Dog.


The film, simply titled “Hawkeye”, was released by One Riot One Ranger Productions on YouTube yesterday, and the seven-minute film runs like a sort of greatest hits repeat of the comic... which is a very good thing, because like I said, this run on Hawkeye is brilliant.

You’ve got nice, snippy banter between Clint and Kate, Lucky the Pizza dog, bright use of color just like Matt Hollingsworth’s palette in the comic, and of course, Russian gangsters in tracksuits saying “Bro” a lot. There’s even a delightful nod to Aja’s slick visual style from the comics in a moment where Clint tries to set up a fancy trick show with his bow... and fails spectacularly. Yup, they definitely nailed Fraction and Aja’s Hawkeye.


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HOT FUDGE HOLY MOLY this needs to be a Netflix series RIGHT NOW.