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A Hacker Hijacked the Buffalo Wild Wings Twitter Account and Revealed Its 'Secret Recipe'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A hacker managed to take control of the official Twitter account of Buffalo Wild Wings Friday night and fired off a number of crude and racist tweets, including one that claimed to give out the “secret recipe” for the company’s wings which, as it turns out, is apparently “Tommy’s cum.”

The hacker started their Twitter tirade from Buffalo Wild Wings’ verified account, which has more than 700,000 followers, sometime around 7:30pm ET. The hacker, who has yet to be identified, managed to spew six tweets before either dropping the act or losing access to the account. The tweets were quickly deleted, but not before being preserved via screenshot.


Over the course of the tweets, the hacker name a number of references to someone named Tommy—you know, the person who is apparently responsible for producing the hidden ingredient that makes BW3's signature wings so delicious—as well as someone named Glove, who is apparently short, bald, and has a small penis, per the hacker. Bummer, Glove.

While at the helm of the Buffalo Wild Wings account, the hacker also fired off a shot at Wendy’s, claiming that the restaurant “touches kids.” The Wendy’s account, which is known for occasionally roasting people on Twitter and also tweeting very bad memes, did not respond to the jab.

While the first few posts made by the hacker were mostly just crass, the last three tweets were incredibly racist. First, the hacker tweeted about Madeleine McCann, a child who went missing in Portugal in 2007, when she was three years old. The hacker said McCann has been missing for nine years (it’s been 11 years) and then dropped an n-bomb. The hacker used the word again in a subsequent tweet, and referred to media personality Tariq Nasheed as a racial slur.

Nasheed, who initially said on Twitter that he didn’t know if Buffalo Wild Wings was hacked or not, has asked for an apology from the company. “I still have a bunch of white supremacists harassing me because of the tweet from the BWW account,” he said in a tweet.


When contacted about the incident, a spokesperson for Buffalo Wild Wings confirmed to Gizmodo that the company’s account was hacked:

Buffalo Wild Wings’ Twitter account was hacked. We’re sorry that our fans had to see those awful posts, which obviously did not come from us. We are in touch with our Twitter representatives and will pursue the appropriate action against the individuals involved.


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