A Hackintoshed Dell Mini 9, Autographed By Woz

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In our Hackintosh guide, we called our OS X-powered Dell Mini 9 the ultimate Mac netbook. We were wrong. This Hackintoshed Dell Mini 9, autographed by one Steve "Quick Step" Wozniak, is the actual pinnacle.

Matthew Smith caught Woz doing some press for Dancing With the Stars. He writes:

I showed him my Dell Mini 9 with OS X Leopard installed on it (and an Apple sticker sloppily applied over the Dell logo.

He said, "Oh my god, that is so COOL!"

And: "Is that really the color you wanted?"

Then he graciously signed it. I then ran away and giggled for about 45 minutes.

Well done sir. [Flickr via BBG]

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the story would have been better if he was in a tux and monocle, and then danced away after signing it. other than that very cool.