It's hard to keep tabs on the sear on a steak when it's buried in your oven under the broiler. So Dave Arnold, a man known for his innovations in the field of culinary technology, has created a handheld broiler called the Searzall that lets chefs guarantee an absolutely perfect sear on a piece of meat.

The Searzall is more of a kitchen accessory, designed to complement the blowtorch that many of us keep on hand for perfect crème brûlées. But instead of making a crispy topping for a dessert, the attachment diffuses a blowtorch's focused flame so that it can be used to create a very even sear across a piece of meat. It's like an infrared heater that gets hot enough to cook meat, with the added benefit of minimizing the fuel taste often associated with blowtorch cooking.

Destined for a release in April of next year after a round of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the Searzall will be available to both amateur and professional chefs for around $75—but should really only be considered for use by those who are serious about food. It's most definitely not a novelty accessory, and shouldn't be used near or under the influence of alcohol. And if your kitchen doesn't already have a fire extinguisher, you should get one. [Eater via Matt Buchanan]


Photos by Ben Addonizio