It's about as far from a Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita as you can get when it comes to the latest in handheld gaming consoles, but the DIY Gamer Kit from Technology Will Save Us comes with one features those devices don't: The satisfaction that you built it yourself. And not only do you have to assemble, wire, and solder the DIY Gamer Kit yourself, you'll also need to program your own games too. Sound like fun?

The $80 kit starts out as nothing but a pile of resistors, circuit boards, and a crude eight-by-eight pixel display. So you probably won't be playing any advanced first person shooters once you get it all together. But, just 64 pixels at your disposal also means you don't need hundreds of programmers and a $100 million budget to get your first game out the door. [Technology Will Save Us via CreativeReview]


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