A Handmade Dino From Space Is the Best Stuffed Animal You Can't Have

See this cute little space dino, floating like it's the most natural thing in the world? Well he was made by hand, with love, in orbit. And you can never have him because he belongs to Earth's luckiest three-year-old boy. Aren't you green with envy?

Mr. Saurus here (unofficial name) was made by ISS flight engineer Karen Nyberg—IN SPACE—for her exceedingly lucky son. Mr. Saurus is composed of velco-like fabric that lines Russian food containers and is stuffed with bits of t-shirt. He is also awesome.


Karen and Mr. Saurus should be returning from their space adventure with the rest of Expedition 36 sometime in November. And the world will be one righteous space-dinosaur richer. [Karyn Nyberg via Boing Boing]

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