If you're a World of Warcraft fan, there's nothing sweeter than a treasure chest laden with Loot - and now enterprising Etsy user GeekofManyTrades has brought a little of that loot lust to the real world with these lovely wooden treasure chests inspired by the ones from the game.

Although there have been several chest designs in Warcraft over the years, GeekofManyTrades has gone for the traditional 'classic' design found across Azeroth. There's three different colours schemes as well - the light brown and grey chest for the Alliance, the black and dark brown chest for the Horde, and a 'neutral' chest that's dark brown and gunmetal, and probably closest to the majority of the chests found in the game.


They're only small - about 7" by 7.5" - but still look lovely, and offer a neat way of storing some of your own real life loot. Or if you're me, they just remind you of being filled with constant disappointment that the Hunter gear you wanted didn't drop and oh my god that Warlock got his tier Robe have you not seen his DPS WHAT THE-*flings keyboard across the room*

If you want one, $80 and a trip to the Etsy store linked below is all you need.


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