If planting bulbs, clearing weeds, and watering sounds more like torture than a relaxing pastime, maybe you’ve just been gardening with the wrong tools. A Nigerian man built his own remote control excavator that makes the prospect of maintaining a garden far more appealing.


Fidellis Nwachukwu supposedly doesn’t have any formal mechanical engineering training, but that didn’t stop him from building a fully-functional remote controlled excavator complete with working pneumatic pistons, tank treads, and a gas generator powering all of its functionality.

Nwachukwu’s small-scale excavator cost around $1,000 to build, but he hopes to use everything he learned from the project to create a full-sized version that his country could mass-produce and sell to help boost the nation’s economy. But something tells us the remote control miniature version might sell even better. We’d buy a couple. [YouTube via Damn Geeky via Naji]


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