A Laptop Scratching Post Lets Your Cat Create Its Own Viral Content

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If there’s one thing cats like more than catnip, it’s sprawling across a laptop while you’re trying to work. The only solution to the problem is to either trade-up to a dog, or buy your cat a laptop of its own made from scratch-ready cardboard.

This model comes pre-adorned with stickers, a high-res display you can swap out with your own photos, and, of course, a tethered mouse. In lieu of keys there’s an exposed section of corrugated cardboard that your cats can use as a scratching surface.


Because it’s made from cardboard it’s cheaper to replace than the laptop your toddler spilled milk on last week, and it’s completely recyclable too. So as new and improved models are released every year, you won’t feel bad about upgrading it for your feline. [SuckUK]

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