The MegaMillions jackpot was just raised to $540 million, and a $380 million lump-sum cash payout. That's a big enough score that buying a ticket actually makes economic sense, even at 175.7 million to one odds. Crazy!

But before you get your hopes up, here's a list of things more likely to happen than your 175,000,000-to-1 numbers play.

New York Mets Win the World Series 100-to-1

Chainsaw Injury: 4,464-to-1

Fireworks Injury: 19,556-to-1

Date a Supermodel: 88,000-to-1

Struck by Lightning 576,000-to-1

Suffocate in Bed 2,000,000-to-1

Killed by Lightning 2,320,000-to-1

Killed Using a Right-Handed Product (If You're Left-Handed) 7,000,000-to-1

Killed by the Escape of Radiation From a Nearby Nuclear Power Station 10,000,000-to-1

Dying in a Plane Crash 11,000,000-to-1

So there you have it. You go ahead and spend your rent money on MegaMillions tickets. I'm going to go out and chat up every supermodel in town. Simple math.