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Magnetic Loft Hangs Bottles In Your Fridge To Give You More Shelf Space

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Unless you're lucky enough to have a second drinks-only fridge in the garage, your bottled beverages are probably battling leftovers and condiments for shelf space in your kitchen fridge. But you can end that war once and for all with the magnetic bottleLoft that lets you simply hang bottles from the roof of your fridge, freeing up shelf space below.

As far as Kickstarters go there doesn't seem to be a lot of risk here. The bottleLoft's creator, Brian Conti, is only trying to raise about $20,000 to put this simple stick-on magnetic device into production. And the neodymium magnets he's using are more than strong enough to even hold up a can of tomatoes. You can pre-order one for just $20, with an expected delivery of sometime in January, and never again have to sacrifice a bottle of Ketchup just to keep your cold one cold. [Kickstarter via The Awesomer]