What do states want, deep down inside? What to they yearn for in the dead of night? According to this delightful map from Mashable—with a little help from Google autocomplete—the answer is mostly secession. But also some pretty freaky stuff!

A whopping 11 states—including Maryland?—would like to break off from the Union, while Hawaii wants full-on independence, which is what you call it when you are still mad about being annexed instead of just being bored in your civic relationship.


But what state doesn't dream of freedom? Much better to dive into the outliers and weirdos. And there are plenty of each.

The Creepy and Bad

Alabama: Wants to castrate sex offenders

Mississippi: Wants to ban interracial marriage

Louisiana: Wants to close libraries

The Aspirational

Georgia: Wants Tennessee weather

Virginia: Wants its own currency

Wyoming: Wants an aircraft carrier (!)

The Adorable

Wisconsin: Wants to be the mitten state

There are a few irregularities here worth noting as well; both Oregon and Kansas want Bama (in football? maybe? but why Kansas?), while Iowa, South Dakota, and a swath of New England apparently want for nothing. It's also important to note that this is the sum total of what everyone is Googling about these states, so there is plenty of stereotyping at work.


Still, what a fun glimpse at the psyche of the ol' U.S. of A. And don't worry, North Dakota. You'll get a new name someday if you just dream it hard enough. [Mashable]