Americans are living longer, healthier lives—79.8 years on average—ranking 35th in the world in terms of life expectancy from birth. But where you live in the United States has a drastic impact on how far over or under the average your personal timeline will be. This illuminating map by the non-profit Measure of America shows how long you've likely got, and what country it's most similar to.

Hawaiians top the longevity list with an average age of 81.3 years—equal to Barbados but still lagging far behind Japan's average of 84 years—while Mississippi is dead last with a paltry average age of just 75 years, which is Syria-level expectancy.


There are a myriad of factors that impact one's lifespan—from environment, to diet, to healthcare access, to income, to demographics, and these figures only constitute a general trend for each state. Still, it's interesting to see that even as America sees itself as the world's hegemonic power cannot match the clean living habits of many European and Asian nations. [The Atlantic]

Image: Olga Khazan/