A Mere $21,500 Will Buy You A Life-Sized Hulkbuster

You thought Hot Toys' take on the Hulkbuster was expensive? Wait till you get a load of Beast Kingdom's newly unveiled Hulkbuster statue. No, you can't climb inside. But my word, what a humongous beast it is!


Beast Kingdom unveiled the Hulkbuster at a special event in Taiwan today, alongside a variety of other statues and props from the MCU that they will sell — there's a replica of Cap's shield, Loki's Staff and several smaller life-size statues depicting the War Machine and Iron Man armours. But the real star of the show is the frankly ridiculous Hulkbuster statue. It's presumably for larger companies to buy and display, rather than for the individual consumer, but I'm willing to bet someone will try to buy one of these. I'm also be willing to bet that I'd be very jealous of said person, despite the ludicrousness of this giant statue.

The gigantic statue is 300cm tall, so around 9.8 feet — who has the space to keep something this big!? Presumably people who can afford to drop 22 grand on a giant robot statue — and isn't just a giant statue but also a giant statue that lights up because of course it does. I mean, for that much, you'd probably be a bit miffed that the Hulkbuster wasn't all hooked up and ready to glow and further announce its presence outside of already being a 10 foot tall giant robot thing.

I'd say we've reached peak Hulkbuster, but until we get one that you can get inside that people start selling for roughly one trillion dollars, I doubt we're on the downturn of Hulkbustermania.


If you've got the money to burn — and hey who doesn't just have $22,000 burning a hole in their pocket? — you might want to look at also buying a life sized Hulk to go with the Hulkbuster too:


I think he's angry because he just saw the price tag for the thing specifically designed to smash his face in. Poor Hulk.

[via Toyark]

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