A New Comic Will Explore the Teenage Lives of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Image: Boom Studios. Cover art by Dan Mora.
Image: Boom Studios. Cover art by Dan Mora.

Boom Studios already has an excellent Power Rangers comic—but now it’s getting a companion series that is set in the earliest days of the teens with attitudes’ ranger careers. And while there’ll still be some action, it’s mainly focused on their lives outside of all that color-coordinated spandex.


Revealed through Mashable today, Go Go Power Rangers will come from creative team Ryan Parrott and Dan Mora, and will take a more personal look at the lives of the original ranger team. The main Power Rangers book from Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya will continue to send the team on big, epic adventures filled with monster fights and giant robots. But Go Go Power Rangers—which is set in the early days of the team’s existence, rather than post-Tommy’s arrival, like the main book—will be set in the moments between the action, exploring the Ranger’s lives when they’re not battling Rita and her minions. In fact, the first issue is set right after the very first episode of the show, “Day of the Dumpster.”

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So naturally, instead of reveals like evil Tommy Oliver clones or dark dystopian alternate realities, Go Go Power Rangers big shocks are more focused on teen drama. Kimberly had a boyfriend before Tommy! Billy used to be best friends with Bulk and Skull, the bullies! There was a sixth member of the group who didn’t become a ranger!

Honestly, it’s a pretty cool take on the wider Power Rangers mythos. While the main series is free to send the Rangers on grand adventures, it’s refreshing to see an exploration of the team’s relationships and lives outside of that, in an earlier context, and see how it all informs their later struggles in the main book. Considering how good Boom have been with Power Rangers so far, it’s definitely great to see more. Go Go Power Rangers #1 is due to hit shelves in July.

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A sixth member of the group that didn’t become a ranger? Man, that would be an awkward conversation to broach.

“Hey, I feel like you guys have been ghosting me lately.”

“Naw, we were only summoned by an extraterrestrial to become super powered defenders of the earth because we were worthy.”

“Oh. Why not me as well?”

“Apparently you didn’t have enough ‘attitude’ to fit the profile.”