A New Legend Begins in the First Trailer for Netflix's The Witcher

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We’ve had teases. We’ve had butt shots. But now, it’s finally time for us to properly introduce ourselves to Henry Cavill’s take on Geralt of Rivia, best known to fans of the CD Projekt Red RPG series and Andrzej Sapkowski novels as the Witcher.


After months of concerns, primarily fueled by Cavill’s questionable wig, the trailer showcases a world that looks pretty damn entertaining.

Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has previously said the show would be heavily based on the books, not the games familiar to American audiences. What we see in the trailer appears to confirm that fact. The complex origins of Ciri and Yennifer are both central to the action. But don’t worry, the physical action is mainly reserved for Geralt, who takes on a whole host of men, monsters, and giant spiders.

The Witcher hits Netflix later this year.

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I haven’t played the games or read the books so I guess I’m that newby audience Netflix wants to bring in here and......I was left blank by it. It looks dramatic, but told me nothing. Yes, it’s a teaser, but it was just a bunch of jumbled, one-line exposition and various characters screaming. Meh.