How's this for obscene. Yacht-maker Ken Freivokh Design is in the process of engineering a brand new 500-foot superyacht for a client that will boast the world's first floating private IMAX theater below deck. And when it's not being used to show movies, the Nemo Room, as it's being called, will display live underwater images from cameras on the yacht mounted below the water line.

In order for the theater to receive official IMAX classification, the screen has to wrap around the audience to make the movie-going experience as immersive as possible. And that required the yacht's designers to engineer special sliding walls to allow entrance to the theater, without compromising the screen. In addition to finding room for its requisite surround sound speaker setup, and massive subwoofers.

It's as obscene as luxury can get, but if you've got enough money for a custom-built 500-foot yacht, you're probably not that concerned about the budget for it. And besides, by the time the yacht is complete, Interstellar will already be out on Blu-ray, and watching that film on anything less than an IMAX screen just won't do it justice. [Ken Freivokh Design via designboom]


Photos via designboom