A Pizza Lover's Dream Oven Turns Your Kitchen Into a Domino's

Illustration for article titled A Pizza Lover's Dream Oven Turns Your Kitchen Into a Domino's

Making pizza at home can be cheaper and healthier than delivery, but constantly having to adjust the shelves in your oven and move around a pizza stone almost makes it not worth the effort. Instead of just resorting to delivery, though, consider upgrading your oven to Teka's HL 45.15 which features a dedicated pizza drawer. Suddenly, every night becomes pizza night—until you get sick of it, of course.


The drawer—which features a built-in ceramic pizza stone for that perfect crispy crust—actually has four separate heating modes so you can also use it to keep dishes warm, or for baking less heat-intensive fare. It's of course also got a stainless steel finish since that's still en vogue, touchscreen controls, and even child safety locks to prevent kids from opening the doors when it's piping hot. And at just under $700, the HL 45.15 is actually reasonably priced, as long as you're willing to give up that handy drawer on the bottom where you'd normally stash baking sheets and skillets. [Teka via Appliancist]


Could I make cookies on a pizza stone? If so this could be a dream oven.