A Pop-Out Wall Plug That Instantly Doubles Your Available Outlets

The number of devices in your home demanding access to power increases every year, but odds are the number of outlets available hasn’t changed since you moved in. The solution isn’t major electrical renovations, though, it’s this clever replacement wall plug that pops out to reveal two more outlets.


Designed to easily fit into the electrical boxes already installed in the walls all over your home, theOUTlet (get it?) can be wired up in about five minutes and promises to drastically improve your quality of life. Because if you didn’t realize it, battling your family or roommates for access to an already over-crowded power bar is probably taking years off your life. (Note: That might not be true.)

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The creators of theOUTlet are using Kickstarter to raise the $40,000 they need to turn their prototypes into a mass-produced version of the outlet they can ship to consumers. You can preorder one by pledging $25 to its crowdfunding campaign, or grab three theOUTlets for $70 as an early bird deal.

If you’re intrigued, it might be worth holding off until theOUTlet reaches its $40,000 goal, and then some, because one of the stretch goals of this Kickstarter campaign is a version with two USB ports as well, which would make this aleady clever outlet even more useful.

[Kickstarter - theOUTlet]




why even have it pop out,why not just have the 2 sides exposed at all time?

added complexity = breakage