A preview for Blackstar Warrior, the "lost" Star Wars film starring Lando Calrissian

Here's the trailer for Blackstar Warrior, a mysterious blaxploitation-inspired Lando film that never hit theaters. The teaser includes sexy Stormtroopers and a funky soundtrack perfect for cruising down the Kessel Run. Also, watch the hilariously straight-faced mockumentary about the project.

Barring the below faux-serious featurettes about Fred Jackson's attempts to make an "urban" Star Wars film, there's not a ton of information out there on Blackstar Warrior — it looks like the filmmakers are embracing the parody 100%. You can find further details about the fake preview at Bad Azz Mofo and LandoIsTheMan.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Thanks for the tip, Mike!



Well, now. Somehow I got the feeling, Lucas will make this movie, sooner or later - and ruin it big time! (Just for The Storm-troopettes, it would be worth it, thought!)