On one hand, having a pet door installed means you don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to let your dog or cat out. But on the other hand, it also gives your pet access to a possibly wet and muddy yard whenever they want. Which is why the Petwalk automatic pet door can be programmed to only open during specific hours, and even keep your dog or cat indoors when it detects rain.

What sets the Petwalk apart from existing pet doors that use a small microchip to detect and automatically unlock for your furry friends is an automatic mechanism to open, close, and then reseal the door. So unlike a simple flap, it's not a place for hot or cold air to bleed out of your home.


It also means you can program times to keep your pet locked inside or out. So if you feel your dog can use a little more time playing in the backyard rather than lounging on the couch, you can choose to keep them outside during the day.

What's particularly neat about the Petwalk door—in addition to an alarm system that prevents slender burglars from sneaking into your home—is that it can work alongside optional sensors placed in the yard that detect when it's raining, preventing your pet from getting soaking wet and muddy outside. In theory it could also keep a soaked pet outside so it doesn't bring that mess into your home, but that just sounds mean.

Not surprisingly, the world's greatest pet door also comes with a steep price tag of around $2,000—and that's just for the medium-sized option. If you've got a big Lab or Retriever at home, you'll need to cough up even more than that. But who could say no to their loyal companions, or yes to a house that smells like wet dog? [Petwalk via Gizmag]


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