A Retro-Styled Trailer To Complement Your VW Camper Van

There's nothing stopping you from pulling it behind a modern minivan, but with its retro-styled curves and paint job, the Dub Box camper trailer will look far more at home hitched to an iconic VW Microbus.

Its standard configuration includes a dining area for up to four people, fold-down beds for two, a two ring gas burner, a sink with a pump-action tap, a retro-styled fridge, a back-up battery and power hook-ups, LED lighting and a CD/MP3 player for blaring your Jimi Hendrix. You can also customize the external color (if tie-dye is more your thing), the upholstery, the blinds, and even the vinyl flooring.


If you want to build and finish it yourself the Dub Box trailer can be yours for just $9,000, but we suggest spending the extra $10,000 for the profesionally pre-assembled version. It also comes in non-camping configurations for retail or food vending purposes, that top out around $23,000. And, like the VW camper van, a version with a pop-up roof to accomodate more sleepers is also enroute. Groovy. [Dub Box via Gizmag]


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