A robot mannequin that tries on clothes for you

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Almost no one actually looks like models or mannequins, which makes it hard to tell, just by looking at pictures, how something will fit. Estonian startup Fits.Me has a solution.

Online shopping is awesomely convenient. Unless you want to get some clothing with sizes you've never tried before. So Fits.Me has developed a shape-changing virtual fitting robot that gives a much better idea of how a piece of clothing would look on a body. Last week, the company announced the creation of a female FitBot, which they say conforms to more than 85% of women's bodies and can even accommodate pregnancy. The original FitBot was only for men, since it was more complicated to engineer one for the greater variables of women's bodies.

It's probably going to be a success, since the male version debuted at Hawes & Curtis last year has apparently upped sales to new customers 57% and lowered the return rate to 2.99%.


[via fastcodesign.com]