A Rolls-Royce Caliber Shaving Set: Guess How Much It Costs

Designed by the same dude who gave the world the Rolls-Royce Phantom, these TwinLuxe shaving sets cost—naturally—between nearly $800 and $1600. They are classy! But why so expensive for a razor set that uses standard Gillette Fusion cartridges?

Well! The $1600 Arctic set is constructed with "solid white alumina ceramic," typically used in ballistic armor, while the $1000 Anthracite set is built with PVD coating that's also used in racing components and guns. So there's that. Also, TwinLuxe knows that truest of truths: Rich people like spending a lot of money on things that subtly proclaim, "I have a lot of money, so I can afford the finer things in life, like this super minimal and superbly crafted razor set. What have you bought that so resolutely affirms your station in life?"


In news highly related to expensive razors, did you know that ladies can eyeball how fertile you are by the length of your taint? [TwinLuxe via Uncrate]

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