A Science Fiction Pixie from a Strange Atomic Race

Here’s a clip from a cartoon I’ve never seen before: Dodo-The Kid From Outer Space. Produced in 1964 and originally broadcast in the L.A. area, Dodo was an alien child with a half-bird, half-computer friend named Compy (in this clip, he’s the one complaining about cake while everybody else wants to hear the story of Dodo’s arrival on earth). His earthling friends included a scientist named Dr. Fingers (whose lab coat had “inter-dimensional pockets which enabled him to fit objects of any size” into them), and a pair of twins, Why and How. I absolutely love the visual style of this type of mid-twentieth-century animation—though for some reason Dodo reminds me a little bit of Reddy Kilowatt. You can watch the whole cartoon here—but be forewarned that the synchronization only gets worse.



Ah god I wish I could go to the '60s.