A Shoe That Always Just Stepped on Gum

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You know that feeling when you lift your foot and realize that something not good is going on down there? This high heel captures that moment in perpetuity, but it's not quite as sticky a situation as it seems.

Blurring the line between shoes that belong on feet and shoes that belong in some weird contemporary art museum, Kobi Levi's "Chewing Gum" high heels have a just-stepped-on-a-piece-of-chewing-gum stem, eliciting the sympathy of nearby pedestrians without slowing your stride. And surprisingly they're about the least weird pair in Levi's collection.


"The shoe is my canvas," says Levi, who crafts each pair by hand in his studio. And here I thought Tevas were weird. [Kobi Levi via Designboom]