If you've ever debated the merits of storing a mug upside-down, or right side up, this brilliant redesign renders that discussion moot. When stored right side up, dust can easily collect inside a mug, and when stored upside down, the rim is touching a potentially dirty surface. But the angled handle of the Bevel Mug solves both of those issues.

It keeps the mug tilted back at a 40 degree angle when stored upside down, preventing dust and other airborne crap from collecting inside, but also keeping the rim elevated and clean. It's also a great way to ensure a mug properly dries inside if it comes out of the dishwasher wet. Now all we need is someone to adopt this clever idea and actually make a mug like this, so the idea doesn't disappear into the ether of forgotten Red Dot innovation. [Red Dot via Yanko Design]


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