A Sing-Along With the Cast of Being Human — Plus Season 3 Hints!

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Still stunned from the April season finale of Being Human? Rest easy — Being Human will be back this January with 13 new episodes.

At San Diego Comic Con, we sat down with Sam Witwer (who plays the vampire Aidan Waite), Meaghan Rath (Sally Malik, the quasi-homeless ghost), and Sam Huntington (everyone's favorite werewolf, Josh Levison) to talk about what lies in store for Being Human during season three.

As season three begins, the Being Human universe is very different - Sally is in limbo and Aiden has been exposed to humans for the first time. The latter will be a driving force in season three, as Aiden is forced to become accustomed to living amongst humans again, making for some awkward moments for the charming sociopath.

Season three picks up one and a half years after the finale of season two. The cast promises the first episode features a number of big reveals, that will change the status quo of the series. We will also see three new cast members next season, characters played by Xander Berkeley (Nikita, 24), Bobby Campo, and Amy Aquino (ER).


Xander Berkeley will play the father of werewolves Connor and Brynn McLean, with Xander's character likely being a foil for Aiden. Kristen Hager's role as Nora Sergeant will be expanded in season three, as Josh and Aiden's co-worker (and Josh's love interest) becomes a regular member of the cast.

During the interview, Sam Huntington also let slip an interesting tidbit, about a plan to have Sigourney Weaver guest star during season two — a plan that sadly fell through.


To top all of the craziness off, the trio joined together for an impromptu song (check out the video to the left) about cast member Mark Pellegrino during our interviews.

Season three of Being Human features 13 episodes and will air starting in January 2013. Top image from Syfy.