Billiard tables have become bonafide works of art that some people furnish entire rooms around—but ping pong tables are only just catching up. But the hideous green folding contraptions of yesteryear are quickly being replaced with sleek pieces like this gorgeous Bola Service Table designed by Barcelona-based studio A.P.O.

It's a regulation-sized ping pong table with a high pressure laminate surface that resists dings and dents—so you're free to smash and spike every shot without worrying about marring the table top. And that's particularly important, given the Bola was designed to do double duty as a dining table or a desk. The net, balls, and paddles all hide away inside an inconspicuous drawer that hides the Bola's true purpose. Which is important, because selling your spouse on a $4,000 table designed only for ping pong would be a tough sell. [Design Within Reach via Uncrate]