A South American sea nettle floats ethereally in this captivating image by photographer Randy Wilder.


It is one of the many species featured in the Monterey Bay Aquarium's ongoing "Jellies Experience" exhibit.

"We grew [the sea nettles] behind the scenes from tiny ephyrae (babies)," writes the aquarium on its tumblr, "and are the first aquarium ever to display them!"

See more of Wilder's photos of the sea nettles here. For more on the exhibit, visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium's website.



I would recommend that aquarium to anyone that is near it. Even with repeated visits, it has always kept my attention and continues to be interesting. Going with kids is an especially grand time.

Went to see the great white they had in the 1M gal. outer bay tank about 3 times before they had to release it. That's where I learned a 250 lbs blue fin can dodge faster than I can almost see faced with an imminent collision with a shark.