Illustration for article titled A Speaker That Camouflages Itself As a Paper Palm

Like it or not, most sound systems don't exactly blend into your home's decor. You can try buying a pair of speakers in a matching tint, or mount it near the ceiling so it's less obvious, but they rarely are. Phonon's Kamone could be your safest bet. It looks like a houseplant, but it actually produces sound—and not just the rustling of leaves.

Using high-speed vibrations and resonance, those hanging paper palm leaves serve as the Kamone's speakers, while the base unit connects to your sound system and a power source. Will you be getting chest-thumping bass from a speaker like this? Most certainly not. It's all about aesthetics, which makes the $200 price tag a little tough to swallow. But at least it's one plant you never have to water. [Phonon via DamnGeeky]


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