A Tent With Built-In LED Lighting Eliminates Midnight Flashlight Hunts

If you're sleeping out in the woods, and suitably far enough from civilization that you wake up in complete darkness, finding your flashlight to investigate a noise outside your tent can be all but impossible. So tent-maker Big Agnes has announced a new line of temporary abodes featuring LEDs built-in to the framework, ensuring adequate lighting is always in easy reach.

The tents won't be available until early 2015, which means pricing info hasn't been nailed down yet, but the company's "mtnGLO" technology—as they're calling it—will actually be available on its tent models of all shapes and sizes. And while overhead lighting has been available for tents for a while, what's great about this implementation is that it doesn't have to be removed before packing the tent away—which also means it's never going to go missing or get left behind. [Big Agnes]


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