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A Tetris-Playing Bracelet Is Where Fashion Meets Frustration

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Earlier this year Kevin Bates revealed what had to be the best way to make an amazing first impression with any potential employer: a business card that actually played Tetris. That project is still in development (yes, you'll eventually be able to buy one) but in the meantime Kevin has reformatted the guts of his Arduboy into a wearable bracelet that turns the world's most popular puzzle game into a fashion statement.

Of course Tetris has been portable since the Nintendo Game Boy was released decades ago, but here it's merely being used as a tech demo to show off the Ardubracelet's three OLED displays, touch-sensitive circuits, and flexible design. The multi-screen UI actually lends itself to more than just games, but Tetris is a great way to show off its potential.

The Ardubracelet is still an early prototype at this stage, and not the most fashionable accessory as a result. But Kevin intends to further refine the design and form factor with 3D-printed parts to help hide some of the raw circuitry and wiring—although, that does give this piece a certain technological chicness. [Arduboy]