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A Timeline for your next 6 years of Comic Book Movies (so far)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The past few weeks have been kind of crazy for Comic book movie announcements - it can be hard to keep up with who's putting out what, and when. Comics Alliance have put together this convenient time-line of all the latest Comic Book Movies so you can plan your Cinema trips well in advance.

The list so far tallies up to and including DC's announcements from last week for a whole slate of Movies up to 2020, as well as including films from Marvel, Warner, Fox, and Sony. Check it out!


It's kind of incredible to think that in the next 6 years we could be seeing 33 movies based around comic book heroes. Who would've thought looking back at X-Men all those years ago, that it'd lead to 2 decades of what is arguably a golden age of comic book adaptations? It may continue beyond these, or even buckle at the sheer saturation of them. Who knows? Either way we've got a long list of things to watch between now and then (and probably beyond, considering there's plenty of time for these films to be delayed or pushed around, or even cancelled). Still, it's an impressive sight to behold all of them in one huge clump like this.


If you prefer your lists in a non-pictoral, editable format, intrepid io9 community member Artiofab is keeping an updated list of comic book movie premières as they're announced on Observation Deck - you can take a look here!

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