A Tiny Luxury Cruise Ship You Might Actually Be Able To Afford

You'll still be a laughing stock if you try and dock amongst the obnoxiously monstrous private yachts in Monaco, but if you've always dreamed of cruising the lakes and rivers in something a little more glamorous than a canoe, the Jet Capsule will easily fill that role. And presumably at a price tag that won't leave you bankrupt.

Designed and built in Italy, the craft measures in at just 23 feet long, so month long cruises are out of the question. But that's not to say the small yacht isn't well-equipped. The Jet Capsule can be customized with everything from a compact kitchen, to a private bathroom, to even a dining area that transforms into a bunk that can easily sleep a couple of passengers.


Instead of a floating mansion, you can think of it more as a floating camper that should be able to handle at least an overnight excursion. But for day trips, you're not going to find a more luxurious way to get out on the water. And while the Jet Capsule will probably come with a price tag well above even a small powerboat, it will still be within the grasp of those who have yet to make their first million. [Jet Capsule via The Awesomer]


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