A Tiny Pop-up Trailer Hiding All Your Camping Needs

It's still not exactly 'roughing it', but this remarkably modular camping trailer provides many of the comforts of home without having to resort to hitting the road in a gigantic bus-like motorhome. When collapsed, Campa's All Terrain Trailer looks more like a hot dog vendor's cart than a place to spend the night, but it's surprisingly equipped for such a tiny home away from home.

Onboard you'll find everything from a propane-powered stove, to a collection of backup batteries for powering lamps and lights, to, of course, a kitchen sink. Up top a raised sleeping platform can be equipped with a simple tent, or a more sturdy pop-up shelter if your travels have you spending the nights in storm-wrought areas. You can even opt for a fully-enclosed shower if sponge baths aren't your thing, just don't expect a mint on your pillow every night. [Campa via Bless this Stuff]


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