A Video Breakdown of the Sad History of Ms. Marvel, Sex Slave

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Is there any other comic book character more cruelly treated than Ms. Marvel in the The 200th issue of the Avengers? Watch the exceptionally strange history of Ms. Marvel play out in this amazing video, and debate over which comic character has been crapped on the most by the writers.


Made by The Escapist's Bob Chipman, this series reveals the ugly truth behind Marvel's rape-apologist story and what writers such as Chris Claremont did in response. Part 1 and Part 2 are below:

[via The Mary Sue]



I have renewed respect for Chris Claremont, but I also think it's a little too easy to give him the White Knight Award. Yes, he's had a sustained investment in creating multi-dimensional female characters, but he's also made some frequent gaffes on that front too—namely, all the Phoenix nonsense, which made for great storytelling but ultimately rested on a Madonna/Whore complex sustained by the notion that women can't really handle power. That is the iconic X-Men story. Bad taste in mouth.

Granted, making a female character the main focus of a comic book for several years was still relatively progressive by late 70's/early 80's comic standards, and it seems like later efforts by Claremont (and others) have made an honest go at dealing with the implications.