A Video Guide to Building Your Very Own Racing Quadcopter

Unmanned aircraft are becoming a popular Christmas gift. But if you're bored with the basics, building an FPV (First Person View) racing quadcopter is a nice way to level up. And screw gifts: You can just build one for yourself any time of the year.


This step-by-step guide with FPV quadcopter racing pilot Charpu about how to build a sleek model at home is a solid intro to FVP racing community's DIY corner. It's definitely an expensive undertaking, so maybe check out a model for beginners before plunging into the world of DIY quads without any experience, otherwise you might have an $850 hunk of crumpled parts and sadness when you lose control and crash the aircraft.

If you know what's going on, however, this is a project that allows the thrill of seeing something you created flying through the air. Here's the full list of components provided:

QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter frame

Lumenier FXC1806 2300kv motors

Lumenier 12A Electronic Speed Controllers

Gemfan 5x3 Propellers

Lumenier 1300mAh Lipo Battery

Acro Naze32 Flight Controller

Fat Shark Teleporter V3 Video Goggles

FrSky Taranis X9D 2.4GHz Radio & Receiver



I LOVE my QAV 250 so I'll warn you guys. (Disclosure: I am no way associated with Lumenier and have not been paid or sponsored by them).

There are lots of knock-offs out there. Some so blatant they even use the same names as . Mostly from Chinese websites like BangGood.com and they are often very inferior to the reputable manufacturers, who are also usually the industry innovators. Great companies to buy from include Lumenier, Team Black Sheep, Blackout, and BoksQuads. If it looks to cheap to be true, don't expect it to last or be as easy to assemble. If in doubt, ask on popular build forums and post a link to get opinions.