The Time Everywhere, Right Now, Beautifully Visualized

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Today's XKCD really is wonderful: called Now, it's a simple clock which shows you what time it is in the world right... now, and changes each time you check back on it.


It's created in such a way that it's super simple to read. Noon and midnight always sit in the same place, and each time you visit the place names and maps of the world will have shifted to show you what time it is, everywhere, right now. Super simple, super effective. Go check it out. [XKCD]



Dear Mr. Munroe, creator of xkcd:

In North America, at least, the concept of "working 9-5" is an outdated concept perpetuated by its catchy sound and the popularity of a Dolly Parton song (and movie). No one actually works those hours.

Standard business hours are 8-5 with a one hour lunch break. This applies to the typical white collar job. The hours for a typical blue collar job are roughly 6am to 3pm, although that can vary widely, especially for companies that work multiple shifts.

My point is that if you continue to to come into work late, we're going to start docking your pay.


The Management